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Welcome to California Citrus State Historic Park
Welcome to California Citrus State Historic Park where tall majestic palms stand among a preserved and rapidly vanishing citrus landscape. The story of the citrus industry and its role in the history of California will be discovered here. This 377-acre park was acquired for its historic setting in the Arlington Heights area of Riverside, California United States.
The park reflects Victorian style landscaping and Craftsman Bungalow architecture popular at the turn of the century. The park site contains some features of historic significance that help illustrate this message. Gage Canal, built during the latter years of the 19th century, and its related structures, show how water was managed in California and how several thousand acres of citrus are irrigated. The palm-lined streets in and around the park are a significant part of the cultural and esthetic resources of the site. A series of hillocks, or knolls, in the park, are encircled by some of these palm-lined roadways from the 1920's, which were planned to lead to home sites on top of the knolls. The homes of wealthy growers were never built on these knolls, but the roadways remain.
The park has two goals - to tell the colorful and far-reaching history of the citrus industry, and to preserve a vanishing cultural landscape.
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