Non-Profit Management Corporation
General Plan Purpose and Mission Statement
The Non-Profit Management Corporation (NPMC) a 501(c)(3) was created to provide for the management, care, maintenance, enhancement, interpretation, development and operation of various designated portions of the park. To preserve the history of the citrus industry in California for present and future generations through the development of California Citrus State Historic Park as part of the State Parks System.
Grove Management
In 1993 when the park opened, the NPMC Board of Directors selected Park Ranch Partnership to manage the 180 acres of commercial citrus including navels, lemons and grapefruits at the park. Legally, access to the groves is prohibited to the public except on the public trails designated on the trail map. This is for health and safety reasons, due to pesticides, fertilizer use, erosion control and negative impacts on the irrigation systems and the citrus trees. The public resource and California Code of Regulations also protects all items within California Citrus State Historic Park so collection of fruit by visitors is prohibited.
Fund Raising
The NPMC has the authority to raise funds and the funds are used to enhance this park. Income is derived from:
  • Grove Management of the 180 acres of citrus
  • Sunkist Center rentals
  • Eliza's Emporium gift shop sales
  • "Friends of Citrus Park" memberships
  • "Adopt-A-Tree"
  • Other fundraising activities
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